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Mary Satterthwaite, CFO MMS Avation

Mary Satterthwaite, CFO

Behind the Scenes at MMS Aviation:  Money Management

The board of directors and CEO require that all organizational activity is marked by integrity and accountability. MMS’ chief financial officer, Mary Satterthwaite, sees that pursuit of these ideals runs throughout the bookkeeping/accounting department at MMS Aviation. She and her husband, Dennis, have been MMS members for thirty years, and Mary has kept the books for most of that time.

Kris Evert assists Mary with the bookkeeping. Sherry Shelly and Juli Pottner process incoming contributions. Their husbands are MMS staff members also, following a longstanding practice of family involvement in the ministry of MMS.


Juli and Dan at Hr work

Juli and Dan at HR work

Behind the Scenes at MMS Aviation: Human Resources

Very few things are more important to the future effectiveness of the MMS Aviation ministry than apprentice mechanics, pilot/ mechanics, and the staff to mentor them. Dan Pottner is MMS’ director of human resources. Anyone interested in serving and learning at MMS communicates quite a bit with Dan.

When people ask about service and training at MMS Aviation, Dan answers their questions. He works with those who desire to enter a training program or serve on staff as they go through each step of the application procedure. When applicants are accepted and begin raising financial support, Dan instructs, encourages, advises, and provides accountability through the process.

Dan’s wife, Juli, assists him in the human resources department, in addition to her work processing contributions.


Lisa Schwartz at the Reception Desk

Lisa Schwartz

Behind the Scenes at MMS Aviation: The Reception Desk

MMS now has a “front desk” to handle incoming phone calls and greet visitors. It may seem odd that this is a fairly recent development, but it is one that improves our contact with other missionary organizations as well as the general public. Emily Swartzentruber, Lisa Schwartz, Laurie McClary, and Elizabeth Maddux have been very capably performing this duty.


Simon, Bob, and Isaac review use of a multimeter.

Simon, Bob, and Isaac review use of a multimeter.

Training Wherever, Whenever It’s Needed

Earlier this year, MMS staff member Terry McClary went to Eldoret, Kenya, to facilitate aviation maintenance study for four mechanics serving with Samaritan’s Purse Mission Aviation Services. The goal is for each one to obtain an FAA A&P Mechanic Certificate.

Two men came to MMS in June to take the FAA Mechanic exams, and two more will come later. Bob Schwartz, MMS’ director of training, has focused on their preparation for the oral and practical




Jenny and Mike D. get the 182’s radio rack ready

Jenny and Mike D. get the 182’s radio rack ready.

the helicopter packed for shipping leaves MMS

The helicopter packed for shipping leaves MMS.

Brad helps Tim reinstall the repaired engine support

Brad helps Tim reinstall the repaired engine support.

Cessna 182 for Ministry in the Philippines

Chuck Egbert supervises work on the Cessna 182. Structural repair, painting, assembly, and rigging are complete. Upgrading the electrical wiring, reworking the instrument panel, and installing avionics are being done. Jenny Haver is doing much of this and is becoming a go-to person for electrical system work.

Airbus AS-350 Helicopter for Ministry in Mozambique

Extensive upgrades and inspection of the helicopter were completed in late May. After several return to service flights and final adjustments, it was disassembled and prepared for shipment. It left the MMS Aviation facility May 24, and on June 2, MMS received word that it was back in service at its South African base of operation.

Cessna 310 Annual Inspection

In April’s GroundCrew, it was reported that corrosion was found in the 310’s right engine support structure. Tim Obarow, with the help of Keith Woockman, completed the repair and installed service kits that will make future inspections easier. Dale Coates completed the annual inspection, assisted by Jason Maust.


Cessna 206 Fuselage Repair

Josh Adelsberger continues to supervise repair of this fuselage. Andy Gudeman, Glen Evert, and Brad Hoblit work with him. A challenge of extensive repairs like this one is obtaining airworthy parts to replace damaged ones.

Piper J-3 Airframe Repair

Dwight Jarboe leads a capable crew of Stephen Swartzentruber and Ryan Hokuf. Structural repair is done, and fabric covering is rapidly moving toward completion. All airframe components were assembled and rigging adjustments made before new fabric was installed.


 Phil Maddux CEO MMS Aviation

n this GroundCrew, we’ve given you a glimpse of work that happens in the background at MMS Aviation. What’s done in the offices upstairs seldom makes the front page of anyone’s newsletter, but we want those who support and pray for MMS to understand the value of what these people do.

Bob Schwartz, director of training, has the task of guiding each apprentice mechanic through their 30 months at MMS. He’s responsible for bringing a balanced approach to the book study and shop experience required to have a complete training experience. Bob keeps track of each apprentice’s hours and makes sure that we are giving them a wide range of experience so that they will become good “general practitioners” of aircraft maintenance.

Bob also plans our nontechnical training, focusing on areas that will prepare an apprentice for successful living on the mission field. We want our apprentices and staff to thrive in missions. We want them to have a deep and growing relationship with Christ. To that end, we currently focus on two key areas of nontechnical training. First, we want each of our staff and graduates to be able to read, understand, and properly apply Scripture. This is foundational for each of us, and essential for a missionary who will be placed into a foreign culture. Second, we are working to develop a culture of discipleship at MMS Aviation. We are a team that shares life together. Our “life together” must consist of encouraging and exhorting one another to be more like Christ.

Please keep MMS Aviation in your prayers as we prepare people and planes for worldwide missionary service. Especially, remember to ask the Lord to grow us in these areas of nontechnical training so that His name might be made known to the nations.

In Christ,

Phil Maddux, President & CEO


MMS preparing people and planes for worldwide missionary