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MMS Aviation Exam

Aaron works on a practical project during his exam administered by FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner Dwight Jarboe.

Aaron Hammitt Completes Maintenance Phase of Pilot/Mechanic Training

With a fresh Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate, Aaron moves on to the flight training portion of his service with MMS. The Hammitts will move to Burlington, North Carolina, where Aaron will begin flight training with Missionary Air Group in January. Aaron and Tara will continue to be associates of MMS Aviation throughout their time in North Carolina. This is an MMS milestone; as Aaron is the first person to train under the MMS/MAG pilot training partnership.


Swartzentruber Begins Maintenance Apprenticeship
Stephen Swartzentruber Begins Maintenance Apprenticeship

Stephen and Emily have just settled into the Coshocton community. Stephen grew up in Delaware and Emily is from California. Stephen plans to serve as an aircraft maintenance specialist.

A Rapid Response Trip: Zambia, a Family Experience

Mission Flight Services (MFS) meets transportation needs of the Kalene Hill Mission Hospital in north- western Zambia. To help during an aircraft mechanic staff shortage, MMS sent Brad and Crystal Hoblit to Zambia for three months.

A Rapid Response to Trip Zambia

Brad inspects the Cessna 207’s fuel system. Crystal reviews invoices in the hangar office.

The Hoblits were at MFS’ center of operations throughout July, August, and September. Normally, Rapid Response Trips are no more than a month long, and a mechanic’s family stays home. MMS doesn’t ask families to be separated for more than a month, so all four Hoblits went on this trip.

Brad maintained the two MFS airplanes. Crystal, in addition to being mother to 3-year-old Lillia and 1-year-old Boston, helped in the hospital’s bookstore and with MFS accounting.


Airline Mechanic Missionary Maintance

Chuck Egbert, left, and Keith Woockman prepare a belly skin for the Cessna 182.

Airline Mechanic fixes Mission plane

Mike Garrett finishes a Cessna 182 elevator.

Airline Mechanic airplane wing

Mike Dunkley works with the helicopter’s electrical wiring.

Rapid Response Trips

Mike Dunkley traveled to Guatemala in late September to perform an annual inspection of a mission Cessna 206. A change of avionic equipment was also done.

Engine Overhauls

Josh Adelsberger and David DeJong overhauled a TSIO–520 Continental engine headed for ministry use in Bolivia. It’s rare, but complications can occur after major engine work. Jenny Haver and Andy Gudeman dealt with stubborn oil leaks around the accessory case of a TSIO–360 Continental.

Cessna 182 for Ministry in the Philippines

Chuck Egbert leads the restoration crew on the Cessna 182 that is headed to the Philippines. Many components are repaired and painted. Work is focused on the fuselage that will be repaired before it is painted. Keith Woockman and Jason Maust have worked with Chuck on this plane. Airbus AS-350 Helicopter for Ministry in Mozambique Along with a major inspection requiring disassembly of the helicopter, it is being repainted. Mike Garrett supervises the painting and its preparation, and he has repaired some of the composite components as well. Mike Dunkley updates the electrical system to assure its reliability and compatibility with the helicopter’s new systems.

King Air Yearly Inspection

A few years ago, Tim Obarow, MMS director of maintenance, developed an inspection program specifically for Gospel Carrier International’s King Air. The unique inspection program was approved by our FAA Flight Standards District Office and makes inspecting the plane more efficient without sacrificing safety. This year’s inspection was completed in October.


 Phil Maddux CEO MMS Aviation

I’ve always loved this place.  The smell of coffee, avgas and solvents. The autumn leaves on the trees that fill the valleys on all sides of our runway. The sound of rivet guns, drills, and freshly overhauled engines on a test run. This is a wonderful place.

In the summer of 2003, my family drove up the hill to the Coshocton County airport for the first time. Like so many others have done, we came to take a look at MMS Aviation and begin the process of exploring God’s will for my training as a missionary pilot/mechanic. I knew then that there was something very special happening inside the green metal buildings on the top of the hill. I joined MMS in 2005 and began working on missionary airplanes. Thirty months later we finished the apprenticeship and were accepted for an overseas assignment with Africa Inland Mission. The last day of our time here, I stayed late. It was October and the trees were at their peak of color. I sat against the building by myself, looking out over the valley and thinking about how much I would miss the work here, the mission for the Kingdom, and the people I had grown to love. I may have shed a tear or two.

A few years ago, when our time overseas was done, Dwight Jarboe invited us to return to Coshocton and join the team again. We didn’t have to wrestle long with that idea. It was a thrill to return and begin again the work of preparing people and planes for worldwide missionary service.

I love MMS Aviation. I love the men and women who have abandoned much to join us here. Each of their stories bears the signature of our heavenly Father. Each of them could tell you how God has called, directed, and provided for them.

We have a great team. We have the wise counsel of a Godly board of directors. Please join us in praying that God will increase our ministry effectiveness.

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:38


Phil Maddux, President & CEO



Airline Mechanic Missionary Staff