Preparing People and Planes for Worldwide Missionary Service

Who we are

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Through the centuries Christian missionaries have labored to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to "the uttermost parts of the earth." In carrying God's Word to remote peoples, weeks and possibly months of slow, often dangerous travel was undertaken. Not until recent time has a practical solution to the problem of distance and geographic barriers been available.

Today, many missionaries serving in remote parts of the world rely on aircraft to transport them to and from locations where they serve, to bring them supplies while they are there, and to stand by for emergencies. By speeding the missionary to his work, many more people will hear of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

MMS prepares aircraft for missions while training aircraft mechanics for missionary service.

MMS aircraft for maintenance for the mission field

Since 1975 MMS has provided an aircraft maintenance apprenticeship for those who wish to serve God through mission aviation. MMS also provides aircraft repair, overhaul and modification free of any labor charge to Christian missionary organizations.

After successful completion of a thirty month training program, the apprentice is prepared to take the examinations for the Federal Aviation Administration airframe and powerplant mechanic license. From the initial day of training an MMS apprentice aircraft mechanic is a productive member of the mission community. Mission aircraft are repaired, overhauled or modified by apprentices under supervision of licensed and qualified staff.

An exciting aspect of the MMS ministry is the short term mission field assistance of the Rapid Response Teams. These MMS teams help reduce the "down time" of an aircraft by providing extra man power for major inspections and repairs. This also provides the MMS mechanic the opportunity to experience foreign mission aviation ministries first hand.  

What we Do


Since August of 1975, MMS Aviation has served over 100 Christian organizations who use aircraft in support of their ministry.  Sixty-nine graduates have served or are serving in remote locations around the world.  

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  • Preparing People for Missions: 

At MMS Aviation, we prepare our apprentices and trainees by having them work on active mission aircraft alongside qualified aircraft technicians. Our technical goal for each person who comes to train here at MMS is to prepare people who are capable of being "general practitioners" of aviation maintenance. When an apprentice completes training here, they leave as a fully certified airframe and powerplant mechanic.


Each person serves as a full-time missionary, supported prayerfully and financially by individuals, groups, and churches. This helps our apprentices to understand the nuts and bolts of being a missionary in the field, right down to raising prayer and financial support. 

  •   Preparing Planes for Missions: 

At MMS, we provide free labor to mission organizations who have a need for aircraft repairs to be done. Currently, with over 500 aircraft in missionary service, there is a continuous supply of aircraft needing regular and special maintenance. As an FAA certificated repair station, we accept repair and upgrade requests based on the experience our apprentices need toward their airframe and powerplant mechanic's certificate. Missions benefit from this because we don't charge them for our labor. Our staff and apprentices' living expenses are covered by their own supporters. Our apprentices benefit by gaining much needed experience on active mission aircraft, doing repairs much like what they'll be doing in the foreign mission field. Missions organizations not only receive top-notch maintenance, they also realize great savings as their only expense is for replacement parts.

  •  Serving Abroad on Rapid Response Trips: 

Each MMS apprentice may have the opportunity to go on Rapid Response trips as part of their service. Mission agencies notify us of the need for people to maintain, modify or repair aircraft at their location. On these trips, MMS typically sends at least one staff trainer along with apprentice mechanics who gain valuable cross-cultural experience. MMS Aviation mechanics have made over 150 Rapid Response Trips in MMS' 40 years of operation.


Who We Serve


Missionary Aviation Mechanic Pilot Training

We want every thing we do to help people come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. To do that, God has called MMS Aviation to serve...

  • Apprentices needing aviation maintenance experience, qualifying them to serve as pilot/mechanics or aircraft maintenance specialists.


  • Mission aviation organizations who need maintenance services for their aircraft.


  •  To a limited extent, regional aircraft owners as a way to give our apprentices line maintenance experience and to open doors of communication with non-mission owners and pilots.