Josh AdelsbergerJosh and Kristi Adelsberger  donate

Josh was born in Ohio but, because his father was in the military, he grew up traveling the world. He has always been interested in mechanical things and in high school learned God needed mechanically skilled people in missionary work. Josh says, “I went to college for missions, met a mission minded nursing student, married and 10 years later through many ups and downs we arrived at MMS in May of 2005 with 3 kids in tow.”

At MMS, Josh is an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. He oversees a variety of maintenance events, but much of the time Josh manages the engine shop. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1996, and holds an Inspection Authorization.


Dale Coates Aircraft Maintenance SupervisorDale and Deborah Coates  donate

Dale and Deborah are from Zimbabwe. Shortly after his schooling, Dale obtained his commercial pilot’s license. His experience and that of others showed him the value of being a mechanic as well as a pilot. Mike Dunkley, then a mechanic with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) introduced Dale to missionary aviation. An MAF pilot/mechanic in Zimbabwe told Dale about maintenance training at MMS Aviation. The Coates came to MMS for training and, when that was completed, joined the MMS Staff.

At MMS, Dale is the Chief Inspector. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1996, and holds an Inspection Authorization.


Mike Dunkley Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor Mike and Isobel Dunkley  donate

Mike was born in England and grew up in Zimbabwe. Isobel was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Mike did a five year aviation maintenance apprenticeship with the national air carrier and worked for the airline before he and Isobel joined Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in 1985. After 10 years of service in four different MAF programs in Africa, Mike became a maintenance instructor at Moody Aviation in Tennessee. Mike and Isobel joined the MMS Aviation Staff in 2005.

At MMS, Mike is an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. His work with Air Zimbabwe and MAF provides a wealth of turbine aircraft engine experience. Mike is highly experienced in avionics installation. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1986, and holds an Inspection Authorization.


Chuck Egbert - Aircraft Maintenance SupervisorChuck and Cathy Egbert  donate

Chuck is from north-west Pennsylvania and had an interest in flying from an early age. He enrolled in the flight program at Kent State University. At Kent State he met Cathy and their interest in missionary service grew. Chuck began his apprenticeship at MMS March of 1996. After completion the Egberts served with a ministry in Alaska for a year. In 2001 they moved to South Africa to serve with Mercy Air. Non-renewal of their Visas by South Africa forced them to leave that work. Chuck and Cathy then joined the MMS Staff.

At MMS, Chuck is an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. Chuck is highly experienced in airframe restoration. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1998, and holds an Inspection Authorization.


Glen EvertGlen and Kris Evert  donate

Glen is from Wisconsin and Kris is an Ohio girl. For a number of years the Everts had a plumbing business in northeastern Ohio; however, both felt a tug toward missionary service. In pursuit of missionary aviation, Glen was accepted at a prestigious aircraft maintenance school near Pittsburgh. Circumstances kept him from attending, but soon afterwards Glen and Kris learned of MMS Aviation. Glen completed MMS’ maintenance apprenticeship in December 2016, after which he and Kris became MMS Staff members. Kris works in the bookkeeping department.

At MMS, Glen is an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 2016.


Mike Garrett - Aircraft Maintenance SupervisorMike and Sharon Garrett  donate

Mike and Sharon are from north-central Ohio. Right out of high school he joined the United States Navy, where he developed a variety of maintenance skills. Before coming to MMS for aviation maintenance training, Mike worked in automotive maintenance and collision repair. He completed the MMS apprenticeship in 1992. The Garretts served with World Gospel Mission (WGM) in the Wings of Peace program in Bolivia and later in a non-aviation role in Honduras. In late 2014, they joined the MMS Staff.

At MMS, Mike is an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. Mike oversees painting and preparation for painting of aircraft and aircraft parts that MMS restores. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1992.


Jenny HaverJenny Haver  donate

Jenny grew up in a Christian family in northeast Ohio, and was homeschooled along with two younger brothers. After graduating from the University of Akron in 2011, she worked as a mechanical engineer for three years before coming to MMS. Since her teen years, Jenny had a growing interest in missions. In college she looked into what role she might have and discovered the great need for mechanics in missionary aviation. Jenny says, “I became excited at the possibility of serving in this technical, hands-on, background sort of way!”

At MMS, Jenny is a aircraft maintenance supervisor. Her engineering background is an asset that adds value to her service.


dwight Jarboe - President Emeritus and aircraft mechanicDwight and Rena Jarboe  donate

Dwight grew up on a family farm in central Kentucky. He joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1972 to be an aircraft mechanic with JAARS, Wycliffe’s technical support arm. Rena was born to missionary parents in India. They met while Dwight served with JAARS in North Carolina and together they were with the JAARS’ DC-3 program in Bolivia. The Jarboes joined MMS Aviation’s staff in 1982. Dwight was CEO from December 1983 through October 2016.

At MMS, Dwight is President Emeritus and aircraft mechanic. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in July 1968, has held an Inspection Authorization since 1982, and in 1991 became an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner.


Phil Maddux - President & CEOPhil and Elizabeth Maddux  donate

Phil is from Kansas. After graduating from Ozark Christian College, he began ministry as a Youth Minister. When exploring options of how to be involved in missions, he found there was a great need for pilots and mechanics in missionary aviation. He, Elizabeth and their children moved to Ohio in 2005 and Phil began his apprenticeship. After finishing the MMS program, Phil and his family served in Africa for 3 ½ years. As that assignment ended, MMS invited Phil back to join its staff in 2011. The MMS Board of Directors chose Phil to be MMS’ third President & CEO. He took office October 28, 2016.

At MMS, Phil is the President & CEO. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 2007.


Terry McClary - Aircraft Maintenance SupervisorTerry and Laurie McClary  donate

Terry is from southwestern Ohio. He retired at the end of 2009 from GE Aircraft Engine, Cincinnati, Ohio. During his time with GE, Terry and his wife Laurie, who is a Registered Nurse, participated in short term medical missions to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. These trips brought them to sense a call to full time Christian service. Terry’s aviation background made missionary aviation a logical focus and the McClarys joined the MMS staff in March of 2010. Laurie, along with Mary Newman, ministers to apprentice wives, helping them adjust to missionary life.

At MMS, Terry is an Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 2004 , and holds an Inspection Authorization.


Jim Newman - Production ManagerJim and Mary Newman  donate

Jim is from northeastern Texas. Jim graduated from LeTourneau University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology/Aviation Maintenance Technology. In 2000 he and his wife, Mary, joined World Gospel Mission to work with their aviation ministry in Bolivia. They were in Bolivia until 2009, at which time they were loaned to MMS Aviation. Jim says, “What attracted me to MMS was the quality of aircraft and mechanics they were preparing for the mission field.” Mary, along with Laurie McClary, ministers to apprentice wives.

At MMS, Jim is the Production Manager. He controls the flow of aircraft maintenance through MMS. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1994.


Tim Obarow - Director of Maintenance and Accountable Manager Tim and Michele Obarow  donate

The Obarows were active in their local church while living and working in the Reading, Pennsylvania area. In 1999 they responded to the Lord’s call to serve in missionary aviation. After acceptance into the apprenticeship at MMS and enlisting their support team, they began serving at MMS in August of 2001. Tim was no stranger to aviation maintenance as he’d been an aircraft mechanic in the US Air Force during his military service.

At MMS, Tim is the Director of Maintenance and Accountable Manager of MMS’ FAA Certified Repair Station. He obtained an FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 2003, and holds an Inspection Authorization.


Dan Pottner Director of Human Resources Daniel and Juli Pottner  donate

Dan and Juli are from Wisconsin. They have ministered together in various capacities, including starting an outdoors ministry and working in Disaster Relief as well as teaching classes and leading small groups in their local church. They are well acquainted with missionary work. Juli has served in Taiwan, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Ecuador and Dan worked in Haiti on a short term trip. After hearing a speaker from MMS in 2011, God confirmed that He would have them serve at MMS.  They began at MMS in 2014.


Mary SatterthwaiteDennis and Mary Satterthwaite  donate

Mary grew up in southeastern Ohio. Through a missionary speaker at her church, God began giving Mary, at age 13, a heart for missions. In college she pursued a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Between semesters, Mary ministered on Native American reservations the south-western US, seeing a need for business majors in missions. Later, she married Dennis and they faithfully assisted with various ministries of their local church. In 1986 they talked about being involved in full time ministry. Later that year, through hearing an MMS staff couple at their church, God’s leading became clear. In 1987 Dennis and Mary began service at MMS.

At MMS, Mary is the Chief Financial Officer. She has also served as an office administrator.


Bob Schwartz - Director of TrainingBob and Lisa Schwartz  donate

Bob is from Minnesota and Lisa is from Texas. After college, Bob served in Alaska with SEND International (now SEND North). Lisa, a Medical Technologist, also went to Alaska to work in the medical clinic started by SEND. That’s where they met and continued to serve together after their marriage. One of Bob’s roles was as a pilot. When health concerns necessitated them leaving Alaska, they transitioned to MMS Aviation. After Bob’s completion of the maintenance apprenticeship, the Schwartzes joined the MMS staff.

At MMS, Bob is the Director of Training. Bob and Lisa’s passion is to prepare people to not just survive, but thrive in their missionary service. Bob obtained an FAA mechanic certificate in 2006.


Dave Shelly - Facility Maintenance Manager and Safety OfficerDavid and Sherry Shelly  donate

David was born in Venezuela to missionary parents. During his childhood the family moved to southeastern Pennsylvania where his father pastored a church. David says, “My story is a story of a mediocre Christian life with a heavy bent on the ‘American Dream.’” However, God changed that. After 20 years of industrial work that included product production, facility maintenance, and safety services, David and Sherry were ready to accept staff positions at MMS Aviation.

At MMS, David is the Facility Maintenance Manager and Safety Officer. Sherry works in the finance department. They have been on MMS staff since 2005.