How to Become a Missionary Pilot

aviation mechanic apprentice pilot Missions

Installing rivets in the floor of a Cessna 182 to be placed into service in the Philippines

Serving while Learning — Real Airplanes, Real Responsibilities, Real Missionaries

At MMS Aviation, we prepare our apprentices and trainees by having them work on active mission aircraft alongside qualified aircraft technicians. Our technical goal for each person who comes to train here at MMS is to prepare people who are capable of being "general practitioners" of aviation maintenance. When an apprentice completes training here, they leave as a fully certified airframe and powerplant mechanic.

Each person serves as a full-time missionary, supported prayerfully and financially by individuals, groups, and churches. This helps our apprentices to understand the nuts and bolts of being a missionary in the field, right down to raising prayer and financial support.  


Maintenance Provided Without Labor Charge  - A unique aspect of the MMS ministry is that all mission aircraft maintenance, modifications, and repairs are performed on a “labor-free” basis. Missions are charged only for parts and materials used. This provides a tremendous benefit for organizations able to take advantage of our program.


General Information - The MMS Apprenticeship program is an intense, thirty month, full-time aviation maintenance ministry. This apprenticeship requires a logical thought process, a steady personality, spiritual maturity, established life skills, and mechanical interest and aptitude. After a brief Basic Training period, apprentices are thrust into the reality of our aviation maintenance shop and are expected to function well within the dynamic nature of a rapidly changing work environment, multiple aircraft projects, complex tasks, and cross-cultural maintenance teams. This isn’t school. This is mission service. Lives and souls hang in the balance. At MMS you return real missionary airplanes to service, carry real responsibilities, and come face-to-face with the technical and non-technical realities of full-time ministry.

          Service Opportunities - MMS offers two service opportunities within Apprenticeship:

  • Apprenticeship for those preparing to receive their FAA mechanic certificate.
  • Apprenticeship for those already holding FAA mechanic certification.


Why MMS Aviation?

aviation mechanic apprentice pilot Missions

At MMS Aviation you don’t learn about missionary life, you actually live it

MMS graduates are uniquely prepared to not only pass the FAA examinations, but to understand and deal with challenges common to missionary aviation.

MMS graduates are well-rounded in their skills and able to perform many different aviation maintenance tasks. In some field settings, they may be the only technician in hundreds of miles. More typically, they might work with one or two other mechanics maintaining several aircraft in a central maintenance facility.

There is no substitute for previous experience. This is where MMS excels as the 4,800 hours of actual “hands-on” aviation maintenance experience each apprentice gains during their thirty months of missionary service provides the technical skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to function well in an aviation maintenance environment. However, mission aviation personnel need more than just technical skills.

Non-technical skills are also needed. Consequently, the real-life mission environment at MMS provides ongoing opportunities to adapt to rapidly changing situations, be challenged by varied styles of supervision, function within a team structure, develop interpersonal communication skills, utilize effective time management, and to esteem others higher than one’s self.  At MMS Aviation you don’t learn about missionary life, you actually live it.

Visits to our hangar facility are encouraged.
It’s the best way to get the feel for MMS’s unique ministry.