Serving Missionary/Ministry Aviation Programs since 1975

Christian missionaries have long labored to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to “...the uttermost parts of the earth.” This once required slow, often dangerous travel, and now aircraft provide a practical solution to that problem.

Many missionaries rely on aircraft to provide food, supplies, and transportation. By flying over challenging situations, the airplane delivers missionaries to their outpost, reaching many more people with the Gospel. And to do this, there is a great need for properly maintained aircraft and highly skilled mechanics.

A Commitment to Serve in Mission Aviation

Since August of 1975, MMS Aviation has served over 100 Christian organizations who use aircraft in support of their ministry.  Over 70 graduates have served or are serving in remote locations around the world.

MMS provides aircraft maintenance apprenticeship for those who wish to serve God through mission aviation as well as aircraft repair, overhaul and modification free of any labor charge to Christian missionary organizations.

After successful completion of a thirty month training program, the apprentice is prepared to take the examinations for the Federal Aviation Administration airframe and powerplant mechanic license. From the initial day of training an MMS apprentice aircraft mechanic is a productive member of the mission community. Mission aircraft are repaired, overhauled or modified by apprentices under supervision of licensed and qualified staff.

Another exciting aspect of the MMS ministry is the short term mission field or onsite assistance of the Rapid Response Teams. These MMS teams help reduce the “down time” of an aircraft by providing extra man power for major inspections and repairs. This also provides the MMS mechanic the opportunity to experience foreign mission aviation ministries first hand.


Aviation Mechanic Pilot Training Mission Trip