Preparing people and planes

for worldwide missionary service

We serve missionary aviation by training apprentice mechanics and pilots, and maintaining missionary aircraft.

Hands-On Aviation Training for Missionary Pilots and Mechanics

Christian missionaries have long labored to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to “…the uttermost parts of the earth.” This once required slow and often dangerous travel, but now aircraft provide a practical solution to that problem.

Many missionaries rely on aircraft to provide food, supplies, and transportation. By flying over challenging situations, the airplane delivers missionaries to their outpost, reaching many more people with the Gospel. And to do this, there is a great need for properly maintained aircraft and highly skilled mechanics.

MMS Aviation meets those needs by providing hands-on training for missionary pilots and mechanics.

The maintenance apprenticeship at MMS lasts 30 months.

Pilot candidates complete flight training through service with Missionary Air Group in Burlington, North Carolina.

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