Staff Needs

Current Staff Needs

There are many ways to serve in missionary aviation.  We need people who are fully surrendered to Christ and embrace the call to take the gospel to all nations.  If you would like to ask about one of the positions listed below, or if you would like to learn of other ways you could serve, please contact us!

Finance Manager: MMS needs an individual to oversee our finance department.  The position can be part-time or full-time with additional responsibilities.  The ideal candidate will have experience with accounting software and be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite.  

Mechanic: We are looking for supervisor mechanics with mission field experience. Supervisors are responsible for training apprentices and overseeing maintenance events. 

Media Coordinator: We are looking for a person to manage all aspects of media and communications. Experience with photography, video, writing, and social media is a plus. The ideal candidate would be flexible and willing to serve in various capacities, including overseas travel.

​All staff positions at MMS Aviation are support-based, and will require candidates to develop a personal financial support team before beginning service.